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Trained at OM, left free then recruited by AJ Auxerre as a reserve, Mohamed Ben Fredj managed to make his mark and finally made his big pro debut at the age of 20 in Ligue 2 with AJA . Despite a few appearances last year with the Icaunais club (7 appearances – 1 goal in L2, 5 goals in 3 CdF matches) and a rise in L1 under the orders of Jean-Marc Furlan, it was decided by the different parties to allow the Franco-Tunisian striker to go down two floors to complete a first full season in National on the Le Puy side.

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If the Auvergne club will fall in N2, Ben Fredj has revealed himself by scoring 15 goals in all competitions (and 3 assists) including three goals in the last 2 league matches and the goal of Puy’s historic victory against Nice in the 1/32nd final of the Coupe de France. Enough to arouse the interest of several clubs seduced by this very skilful axial striker in front of goal. At the end of the contract in June 2024, the one who is in the top 10 scorers for National is of interest to Belgian (Ostend, Kortrijk), Swiss and Ligue 2 (including Valenciennes) clubs. It now remains to be seen what AJA intends to do with this striker with an atypical career but who has reached a new level this season.

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