Mercato Mercato: PSG wants a crack at 60M €, it’s validated


The Paris Saint-Germain transfer window is starting to get carried away. This time, it is a track in the midfield that is mentioned: the one leading to the Uruguayan defensive midfielder playing at Sporting Lisbon, Manuel Ugarte. Targeted for several months by Luis Campos, PSG could pay €60m, the amount of his release clause. Recruiters, who have analyzed the game of Ugarte give their opinion on the possible future player of PSG.

And if PSG had finally found the replacement for Thiago Motta ? Manuel Ugarte is only 22 but according to The Teamit did not take long to assert itself in Sporting Lisbon, where he landed in 2021. The Uruguayan is tough, rough and effective in duels. All that was missing PSG.

“It’s not bad technically”

For The Teammany recruiters agreed to talk about Manuel Ugarte, future player PSG. Their name has not leaked but one believes that: ” He is someone who puts in a lot of runs, generous, very catchy, very strong in the defensive one-on-one. He is mobile, he is an effective ball retriever who knows how to put pressure on his direct opponent “, while another is more measured: ” It’s not bad technically but in the game, it’s still average for the very high level. »

“That’s what PSG need”

Bruno Romao, UEFA licensed coach and observer of the SportingPortugal also mentioned Manuel Ugarte speaking of his arrival at Sporting, after the departure of Palhinha : “ Palhinha was a pure 6, aggressive, very strong in duels. Ugarte is a bit different, he is also very aggressive, very intense, he likes duels, but he is less dominant in the aerial game. On the other hand, he has more this ability to quickly build counter actions, to break lines. In the future, he could be a more “box to box” midfielder, between number 6 and number 8. He obviously does not have Verratti’s creative ability. But he can well feed attackers who like depth, since that’s what PSG need: to quickly find depth, one-on-one situations for Mbappé. He knows how to recover these balls which offer quick transitions. Ugarte is very disciplined and knows how to run the ball quickly, he can transform the middle of PSG a lot. His profile matches those of Verratti or Vitinha very well. »

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