PSG wants to fire Neymar, he validates his departure


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Announced with insistence on the departure this summer, Neymar is no longer in the plans of PSG who will therefore try to get rid of him and would already be discussing with Manchester United for this purpose. And Emmanuel Petit, shocked by the media treatment reserved for the Brazilian star, encourages him to leave away from PSG this summer.

Neymar and the PSG, it feels like the end! As was already the case last summer, Luis Fields will seek to get rid of the Brazilian striker, and according to the latest trends, negotiations have even already been started with Manchester United, on the basis of a possible loan. Despite a contract that runs until 2027, Neymar could therefore leave the PSG during the next transfer window summer, which is far from unanimous among observers. But a 98 World champion defends number 10.

“We drag him through the mud”

Asked about RMC Sport, Immanuel Little stepped up to Neymar : “ I have always defended him and even more for a few weeks especially with the wild horde who showed up at his home insulting him and his family and asking him to get out. We’re dragging him through the mud when he’s been kicking his ass for two years already. Everyone in Paris, on TV sets and even the famous Parisian supporters keep spitting on him saying that he has a lack of investment, that he doesn’t love the jersey. I don’t even count the number of extremely aggressive tirades that you constantly blame him for », loose the former midfielder on the player of the PSG.

“I hope he will go elsewhere”

He pursues : ” And today, you are telling me that the management of PSG would be making a mistake if they let him go even on loan. I’m a big fan of Neymar and I hope he goes elsewhere and gets you all proven wrong and gone too far. “, explain Little. The message got through…

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